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Victorinox Model:

Long Rancher


Tool Layers:

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The Victorinox Long Rancher is a distinctive Swiss Army Knife known for its two-layer, 93mm Alox scales design. It's a limited edition model.

The knife is equipped with the following tools and their potential uses:

Main Blade: The primary tool for cutting, slicing, and various other everyday tasks.
Marlinspike: Traditionally used in marine settings for tasks like untying knots or splicing rope, but it can also be used for tasks like picking or cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas.
Pruner 2: A curved blade designed for cutting back plants and branches. Its shape makes it easy to apply pressure and make precise cuts.
Cap-lifter/Bottle-opener/Screwdriver: A versatile tool that can be used to open bottle caps, lift can tabs, or turn flathead screws.
Keyring: A simple attachment point for keys or other small items.

This model was first introduced in November 2011, with distinct aqua-green anodising was a novelty for 93mm Alox models at that time. It's compact and lightweight, with a length of 93mm, a width of 11.6mm, and a weight of 71.6g, making it a practical tool for a wide range of everyday and specialized tasks.

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