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Victorinox Model:

Pioneer Scout


Tool Layers:

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The Victorinox Alox Pioneer Scout is a versatile Swiss Army Knife designed for outdoor enthusiasts, electricians, and anyone in need of a reliable, compact multi-tool. This model focuses on providing essential tools for various cutting and wood processing tasks, as well as handling electrical work.
The Pioneer Scout comes with three primary tools:
1. Main Blade: The main blade is a large, sharp stainless steel blade, perfect for various cutting tasks. It is around 2.5 inches (63mm) in length, providing ample cutting surface for different applications. The blade is easy to sharpen and maintain, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and durability.
2. Wood Saw: The wood saw is designed for efficient cutting of wood and features sharp, aggressive teeth that easily bite into the material. The saw is about 3 inches (76mm) in length, allowing for smooth and precise cuts. It is perfect for tasks like trimming branches or creating notches in wood for various projects.
3. Electrician’s Blade: The electrician's blade is a specialised tool designed for working with electrical wires and cables. It features a curved, sharp edge for stripping insulation. This tool is highly useful for electricians and DIY enthusiasts who often work with electrical components.

It is an exceptionally rare model.

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