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Victorinox Model:



Tool Layers:

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The Victorinox Alox 93mm Woodsman is a specialized Swiss Army Knife designed for outdoor enthusiasts and woodworkers. This model features a minimalistic design, focusing on the essentials for wood processing and cutting tasks. The Alox 93mm Woodsman is quite rare, as it is not a standard production model and may have been a custom or limited edition release.
The Woodsman comes with two primary tools:
1. Main Blade: The main blade is a large, sharp stainless steel blade perfect for various cutting tasks. It is around 2.5 inches (63mm) in length, providing ample cutting surface for various applications. The blade is easy to sharpen and maintain, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and durability.
2. Wood Saw: The wood saw is designed for efficient cutting of wood and features sharp, aggressive teeth that easily bite into the material. The saw is about 3 inches (76mm) in length, allowing for smooth and precise cuts. It is perfect for tasks like trimming branches or creating notches in wood for various projects.

This is the only model with more than one layer that does not have a liner. Thanks to Kevin D. for highlighting the error.

It has been produced using both Old Cross and New Cross Alox Scales

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